Rachel Bunting

making it happen

Jacob’s first day was a good one. He came home smiling, and was enthusiastic about going back today. I’m so relieved.

I’ve been in a creative funk for awhile now, but I’m brewing up some plans to change that. I had a discussion with my parents about it on Friday and, while I think they don’t exactly get where I’m at with my writing, I think they try hard to understand and offer some creative solutions. My mom suggested trying a different creative outlet, which I instantly rejected, of course, because that’s what daughters do. (My rejection of her idea was also based on my general suckitude at most artistic endeavors beyond poetry.) However, I have been thinking about a web-based project for a few months now, inspired by a few different things: conversations with my friend Andy; the work that Jon the Artist has been doing; the awesome project at Our Daily Sonnet; the enthusiasm for projects from Donna V. I’m sure there are more I’ve missed. Anyway, the idea is percolating and I hope to have an update in a few days.

And in the meantime, I emailed in to Our Daily Sonnet to sign up. Cross your fingers.

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