Rachel Bunting

I feel like love is in the kitchen with a culinary eye.

I’m seriously considering buying myself a Mac. The computer I have at home eats my homework assignments, and doesn’t quite have the capabilities I’m looking for – not that I can complain, as it was free, and continues to be serviceable.

Cupcake madness is on the way: Jacob’s birthday is Wednesday, and I promised him we would make cupcakes together tomorrow night so he could take them into school. Pictures (hopefully) to follow.

AT from OurDailySonnet emailed back; I’m doing Sonnet 57, which I love, and I may be reading in tandem with Donna. In the meantime, you can check out another Donna reading Sonnet 33.

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  1. If you can swing the price, I love my Mac – of course, it was issued by work and I didn’t pay for it, but if I ever bought one, it would be worth it. And thanks for the sonnet shout out!

  2. K – Jacob has requested plain old vanilla and chocolate cupcakes. His taste buds aren’t quite that refined yet. 🙂

    I just bought the Mac. It was a load of cash, and I’m super overwhelmed by what I just did. But I’m stoked.

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