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Donna and I took Jacob to his first haunted hayride this year. It was especially cool for me, as I love Halloween – it’s my favorite time of year. Cider, apple donuts, pumpkin carving, candy, haunting things – it’s wonderful. And it was hilarious to see Jacob get so excited by the costumes. We took him on the hayride at Indian Acres Tree Farm, which was a good fit for his age range – mostly funny, only a little startling. There was one good scare in the ride, during which Jacob hid his face behind his hands and moved his body as far back from the edge of the wagon as humanly possible. Shortly after, though, he was laughing and enjoying himself again.

We were looking into more haunted attractions for tomorrow night, but most of them are designed for teens and up. It’s a hard call – I think Jacob could have easily handled something a little scarier, but as I’ve never put him in the position to experience anything scarier, I don’t want to push it. So instead we’ve made plans to carve pumpkins at home, with his friend Desmond (of the splinter story).

So I’ve started looking at pumpkin patterns, in anticipation of tomorrow’s activities. And guess what? You, too, can carve your own Obama pumpkin!

I like this one:
obama pumpkin

And while Jacob has decided on a clone trooper costume for Halloween, I think this is the year I finally get it together and dress up like Creepie Creecher. Hopefully we’ll have pictures to follow.

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