I mean, seriously. What a weekend.

Friday night, Jacob had his friend over again for pumpkin carving, s’mores, and charades.

Saturday morning, I headed out to Rosemont College with Anna for the Push to Publish event, sponsored by Philadelphia Stories. We were representing Schuylkill Valley Journal as “editors,” and we offered critique and commentary on publishing to a handful of aspiring poets during the Editorial Speed Dating. Since our speed dates weren’t scheduled at exactly the same times, we were able to tag-team a few of them, offering the poets double comments in the 10-minute slots. I left just after the speed dating, though Anna stayed as a panelist for the afternoon session.

Saturday evening, I picked up Karen for her bachelorette party. She gets married in a little less than a week, which is a whole other blog post. We picked up Kelly and Jennifer and headed out to Kildare’s in King of Prussia, where we spent the next several hours making trouble. Some highlights (keep in mind that I was the designated driver):

I rolled into the house about 3:45; made it into bed around 4 a.m. Donna, who’d spent the night down by Atlantic City after a night out with different friends, woke me at 8:30 Sunday morning when she got home.

Sunday I drove up to South Brunswick to see BJ give a reading, along with Laura Boss. It was a good reading, and after the open mic I spoke briefly with Laura – she told me she enjoyed my poems, and said they reminded her of Sharon Olds. Accurate comparison or not, it was a lovely thing to hear.

After the reading BJ and I stopped to have a beer at one of the soul-less corporate bars along Route 1. As always, it was good to see him, and I finally got my beloved Coexist bumper sticker back.

I left BJ to go to Megan’s, where I had pizza and played with her kitties.

I am still exhaused. Ugh.

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  1. Yes, and I am older still! Gosh, back to school and preparing for the porch haunting with my sons for Halloween. New job, yup, life is busy. I’m glad I clicked on your blog link. Why didn’t I realize you were on wordpress these days. Me too, though I haven’t done much with it in some time. You, however, inspire me to get off my ass. Thank you, Rachel.


  2. David, it’s funny – I tried to call you on Friday, knowing you were probably busy. Not sure I still have the right number, and my question got answered – but just know you’re still my fairy godfather! 😉

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