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So I decided that I would take a day this weekend and dedicate it to writing projects.

First I caught up on my critiques over at the ChopShop, the virtual workshop that Donna initiated for our artist friends who can’t always manage to get together face-to-face. There was definitely some good stuff happening over there.

Then I got started on an essay about sexual identity, for an anthology that sent out a call for submissions. The anthology will be forthcoming from Seal Press, and it’s currently titled And Then It Shifted. They’re looking for work, loosely, from women who used to be in relationships with men, but now are in relationships with women. Of course, as with any form of discussion around sexual identity, the criteria for the anthology is not tight, and there’s plenty of room for interpretation. Anna spotted the call for subs and sent it over to me, and I’ve been thinking on my topic for awhile. I started a sort of disjointed narrative memoir this morning, and I’m working to run some common threads through it.

After writing about 1000 words of that, I decided all the sexual introspection was a bit much, and I needed a break. So I set out to work on Imprimatur, and made some excellent progress this afternoon. I’m still aiming for a tentative release date of December 15, but I’m very much in the testing phase – so today, I tried my hand at Japanese Stab Binding, and I freaking love the results:

You can see a few more photos of the results over here.  This is the first attempt, and I’m still working out the details, but I’m really pleased with the idea of it, and it was much simpler than I thought it would be.

I’m going to fine-tune the manuscript tonight, and start running copies tomorrow. Whew.

My first goal for the book is to have a copy available for the Amanda Palmer concert next week; I’d love to give her a copy of the book.

And then my goal is to bind at least five per night, with some significant binding sessions taking place over Thanksgiving weekend. I think I can, I think I can…

Up next on the craftiness list: making Christmas presents. It’s infinitely more satisfying than buying bulk-produced goods in a department store, and Donna and I have picked a super fun gift to make this year. Pictures to come later!

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  1. The Chop Shop you set up is a great idea – wish I could convince some people around here to try something like it, but no one ever follows through.

    And the stab binding looks fantastic against the black “leatherette” – make sure that you save me a copy to purchase from you in January!

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