My backyard has been positively overrun with mushrooms. This is only a small portion of my backyard:

They really have taken over the yard, thanks in part to a dead tree trunk that’s about 6′ tall. They’re covering the root lines immediately around the trunk, and they’ve spread into the opposite side of the yard, and into my smaller flower beds as well.

They’re also growing out from under my house:

The mushrooms definitely have a fishy smell, and it’s disgusting.

They’re a little creepy.

I did some reading, and found that mostly I should just leave them alone. But it’s hard, because they smell incredibly bad. And as they die off, they turn black, and the smell gets worse. Sigh.

Anyone know what kind of mushrooms they are?

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  1. Hm…I dunno what kind they are, but had you thought of taking a sample to a local garden place to see if they can ID it and maybe give you some suggestions? It’s slightly troublesome if they seem to grow on dead/rotten things like the roots and are coming out from under your house.

  2. Hey Rachel, I think I may have found something:

    Polyporus badius


    Clitocybe avellaneialba

    The 2nd one is found in the Pacific Northwest, which probably rules it out. The dichotomous keys that exist out there are crude and created by mostly hobbyists. But it looks like your house is not going to be eaten by the swarm of mycological invaders. But I would check out the crawlspace under that wall and see what is growing in/under the house.

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