imprimatur reminder

Just a reminder, kids, that Imprimatur is still for sale! At the bargain price of $5.00, how can you resist? Click here to order your copy!

the president has left the building: an open letter to Barack Obama

Dear Mr. Obama: You are officially uninvited from all future gatherings at Casa Buneke. We will be removing your visage from our front window, and your life-size cardboard cutout, which we have lovingly displayed for the past year, will be put away in the far reaches of a closet we never go into. That’s right: […]

it’s up to your knees out there

literally. After a quick trip out this a.m. for groceries, which turned out to be a really good plan, D and I settled in for the long haul on the couch. Twelve hours, at least 10 inches, four episodes of Angel and one nap later, we just peeked outside and saw the snow has covered […]

let it be printed.

Imprimatur is here! Click on the “Catalog” link in the navigation to the right (or just click here) to order your copy today. Remember, this is a limited edition collection, so once the first 40 are gone, they’re really, really gone. I have about 30 copies entirely finished, and another 10 to bind this week, […]

get ready

’cause here it comes: Imprimatur for sale tomorrow! Stay tuned, kids!

injustice anywhere is a threat.

On Monday, Donna and I, along with Maureen, had the incredible privilege of attending the NJ State Senate Judiciary Committee’s public hearing on NJ S-1967, the Freedom of Religion and Equality in Civil Marriage Act. This bill, sponsored by Senators Weinberg and Lesniak, would allow gay couples in NJ to get married. It was an […]

step 1

NJ S-1967 was just released for a full Senate vote on Thursday. Thank you, NJ, for step 1. And can I just say that Senator Gill is my new favorite person?

just think about this for a bit.

“The violence against the Freedom Riders was being given international press coverage and the Kennedys were concerned about their image as they prepared for an upcoming summit with Soviet premier Nikita Khrushchev.” -Eyes on the Prize: America’s Civil Rights Years, 1954-1965; p. 149 I’ll be back later to marvel at the insanity.

it’s beginning to look a lot like…

Every year, I spend the month of December grumping around, complaining about how stressed I am about the shopping and the weather and the tension and the obligatory gifting. But this year, we have simplified quite a bit – Donna and I made Christmas gifts (and they are cute!) for all of our friends and […]