Every year, I spend the month of December grumping around, complaining about how stressed I am about the shopping and the weather and the tension and the obligatory gifting. But this year, we have simplified quite a bit – Donna and I made Christmas gifts (and they are cute!) for all of our friends and family and we purchased Jacob’s gifts already. I am focused at work on a few things, one of which is coordinating the HomeFront Christmas Wishes program, in which our company is shopping for Christmas gifts for local kids who are currently homeless. It restores a little of my faith in humanity to see the participation, and we were able (through company and individual employee contributions) to raise enough money to shop for 46 children.

Last night, Donna and I took Jacob to the hardware store to buy decorations for outside the new house – a few strings of lights, and a loose plan to get some pine rope. Jacob was supremely taken with the large inflatable decorations, and he laughed at the gigantic inflatable pig wearing a Santa hat. I explained that we weren’t going to do those at our house, but that he could pick out something smaller (and less expensive!). He finally settled on a battery-operated snow globe – when he pushes the button on the front, a small fan inside whirs the snow particles around and the globe plays a medley of Christmas songs. He hasn’t let it go since we bought it.

I might actually enjoy Christmas this year. Imagine that.

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  1. I hope you do enjoy it, Rachel – I have several things on the boil over the next few weeks so if I don’t get a chance to visit between now and then, here’s wishing you, Donna and Jacob all the best for the festive season.


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