It seems like there’s a lot going on this week in gay news, and I’ve been trying to keep up with it. Some quick updates:

1. New Jersey State Senate will vote tomorrow on marriage equality – if you live in NJ, click here for info on how you can help ensure the bill gets passed.

2. Rhode Island legislature overrode the governor’s heinous veto of the same-sex funeral rights bill.

3. There’s a Prop 8 lawsuit pending in California – it’s currently scheduled to go to court on Monday, Jan 11. Right now the hot discussion is around whether or not the trial should be televised. Click here to read a bit about the case and add your name to the list of those supporting a televised trial.

4. New Hampshire married some gay people this week!

5. This is a couple weeks old, but still yay on Washington DC for passing marriage equality!

6. Obama appoints Amanda Simpson as a Senior Technical Advisor.

7. Gender identity discrimination (finally!) illegal in federal employment practices!

8. And finally, a sad note: farewell, Brad Graham.

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