Rachel Bunting

see this?

So if you have kids, or have gone to summer camp, you probably know what these are:

Small plastic craft beads, ideal for stringing into necklaces, bracelets and anklets. Now, raise your hand if you’ve ever seen one shoved inside someone’s ear. Seriously. Raise your hand.


Well, now you can honestly say that you have:

Look carefully in the ear canal, and you’ll see a spot of bright blue. Yes, that’s the bead. (You can also look at a huge version of Jacob’s ear here. Just ignore the ear-dirt.)

Jacob’s friend found the bead in art class. Jacob, being the class clown that he is, decided to sneak it in his ear, thinking he could pull it back out as if performing a magic trick. Well, Magic Trick Fail. Jacob’s explanation was hilarious: “My body told me to put it there.”

Just as funny was the text message exchange between Donna and her dad about this situation:

Donna: Jacob came home from school with a bead in his ear.
Donna’s Dad: Was he making a necklace?
Donna: I don’t know, he only said that his body wanted him to put it there. He wanted to see if it would fit.
Donna’s Dad: Surprise! It fits!

More to come – a trip to the doctor’s office awaits tomorrow.

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