It’s been a long time since I did a proper Friday Goodness. Don’t get too excited – you’re not getting a full-blown list of things today. Just one. But it’s hilarious.

So I follow Jill Filipovic of Feministe at Twitter, and she tweeted this today:


I immediately clicked on the link, because I just had to see it for myself. While the site was (very slowly) loading, I examined the header, which looked like this:

“Too good to be true,” I thought to myself. “I love these sites.” I prepared myself for the typical super-crazy onslaught of nonsense that fringe “Christian” groups spew.

After a few minutes, I realized the page didn’t load properly, so I clicked on the “Home” button to see what else I could find. I encountered the following headlines:

“Let Us Send Our Prisoners To Mexico”
“Haitians Use Voodoo Dolls to Terrorize Pat Robertson & Rush Limbaugh”
“From Crossdressers to Christ-Haters, The Very Worst of YouTube”

Expecting the worst, I clicked on one of the links and was greeted by the words: “My fellow White Christian Americans.” Whoa now. For realz?

It took me exactly three minutes to figure out the site was an incredibly well-done satire.  Clearly, most of the people who read the site don’t ever figure that out, as there are loads of comments from people readers who want to engage in debate (healthy or otherwise) about the contents. While it’s encouraging that there are plenty of people who recognize lunacy when they come across it, it’s somewhat disappointing that not quite as many people get the concept of “parody.”

So I googled “Christwire” to see what else was floating around out there, and came upon this link, at Outraged Richard. Oh, are you kidding? That is PHENOMENAL. I think he might be for real, too.

Happy Friday, folks!

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