Lego Competition

Jacob, Donna and I had a Lego competition today. The challenge: build whatever kind of ship you want. Mommy will judge. Points given for intricacy of design, structural integrity, energy source. The photos are here. The results of the original judging are currently being contested (Donna placed second, after Jacob). Your help is desperately needed. […]

who’s an angry little hall monitor?

More snow in the Dirty Jerz, as yet undetermined how bad it’s going to get. Which means I’m potentially stuck in the house for the next few days, victim to cabin fever along with Jacob. Fortunately I brought enough work home to last me an entire year, not to mention the papers for school I […]

im experiment #1

pose a lyrical question to a random sample of im chat contacts. experience hilarity ensuing. or something. me: why you at the bar if you ain’t poppin’ the bottles? and, further, what good is all the fame if you ain’t f**kin’ the models? Mike: hahah ahhhh thank you for asking! i was hoping someone would […]

it’s sad when you can’t even recognize yourself.

This morning, I clicked over to Awkward Family Photos for a quick peek. I saw this: and spit a moutful of dunkaccino all over the Bureau of Labor Statistics report for Vermont. I was all ready to rip laughingly into my brother for submitting an old but hilarious photo of me online, along the lines […]

post secret

A couple of poetry related postcards at PostSecret today, one of which especially reminds me that we (poets) really are doing something that matters:

art, activism, feminism, and the possibly impossible coexistence thereof

So there’s a big bruhaha (brou-ha-ha? brew-haha? whatever) blowing up in the feminist and indie-arts blogospheres about Amanda Palmer’s latest project with Jason Webley, promoted as Evelyn Evelyn (or the Neville Sisters). You can read the history of Evelyn Evelyn here, followed by the recap and Amanda’s response to the big dramz here.

lucille clifton

It feels like we’ve lost quite a few amazing writers in the past handful of years: John Updike, Kurt Vonnegut, JD Salinger, WD Snodgrass, Hayden Carruth, Reginald Shepherd, Normal Mailer, Liam Rector. I know there are more. Some of them were literary giants; some were less giant to the whole world, but still giant to […]

if you were here i could tell you these and some other things

Fuck. Lucille Clifton passed away, at age 73. There are lots of things I want to say about Lucille, and probably will. In the meantime: Telling Our Stories the fox came every evening to my door asking for nothing. my fear trapped me inside, hoping to dismiss her but she sat till morning, waiting. at […]

snow day!

Although my boss insists we have closed the office for snow at least one other time in the past five years, I definitely don’t remember it. At any rate, we have a snow day today. Hooray! Jacob and I are hunkered down in the house (though he desperately wants to go and play in the […]