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I spent a few hours at Border’s this afternoon, and came away with a solid draft of a poem based on this fairy tale (hat tip to Deb LaVeglia for the idea!). Just before settling in to draft the poem, I had a brief chat with This Donna, who mentioned poetry postcards – and then I found these, created by none other than the awesome Autumn. Somewhere in the context of all these things today, I became slightly obsessed with the idea of letterpress, and later with screenprinting. I now want to make things that are not poems, and I’m not sure where to start.

Postcards feel like a direct violation of both Autumn’s and Donna’s plans, though they present a most immediately satisfying opportunity. But for some reason, what I really want to do is drink coasters. I don’t know if I’ll ever figure that out.

In the meantime, I’m looking at letterpress classes in NYC and screen printing classes in Philly. I have no idea when I’ll find the time for these things, as most of my spare time for the next twelve weeks is going to be dedicated to American Lit 2 and African History, for which I have 10-12 papers to write. But I am desperate to keep myself busy, as I have another 2 months of waiting before I can expect to hear anything on the Dean Young workshop, and another 6 months of daydreaming before the Ruth Lilly judges burst my bubble to tell me they’re NOT giving me $15,000.

It is hard to be excited about writing, to have my head be full of these amazing things, and to have to go to work every day. Of course, I need the paycheck (for lots of reasons), but I really do wish I could just take some time off – a few months, maybe – and relax, and make some art.

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  1. Um….I “stole” the postcard idea from Tuesday – and I am certainly not going to claim it as “my” idea – go for the postcards if that’s what you’re feeling drawn to…

    I am praying for one of my summer residency applications to come through – fingers crossed.

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