Lucille Clifton passed away, at age 73.

There are lots of things I want to say about Lucille, and probably will. In the meantime:

Telling Our Stories

the fox came every evening to my door
asking for nothing. my fear
trapped me inside, hoping to dismiss her
but she sat till morning, waiting.

at dawn we would, each of us,
rise from our haunches, look through the glass
then walk away.

did she gather her village around her
and sing of the hairless moon face,
the trembling snout, the ignorant eyes?

child, i tell you now it was not
the animal blood i was hiding from,
it was the poet in her, the poet and
the terrible stories she could tell.

Good night, sister.

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  1. Shit, this is so sad.

    I’ve thought a lot about the fox in that poem, that comes up in so many of Clifton’s other ones, and I guess I thought I might someday have the chance to ask her about it.

    I just cried a little at work reading your posts.

    She was truly special, and I couldn’t agree more that it feels like we lost Grandma.

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