More snow in the Dirty Jerz, as yet undetermined how bad it’s going to get.

Which means I’m potentially stuck in the house for the next few days, victim to cabin fever along with Jacob. Fortunately I brought enough work home to last me an entire year, not to mention the papers for school I need to write, and the reading I have to do. As for Jacob, he has enough Legos to satisfy any boy’s wildest dreams.

I started thinking today about titles for the manuscript. So far I have a small handful of possibilities, though none of them feel right. When I put together Ripe Again, and later Imprimatur, I had a moment that just felt so exactly right, like fitting a particularly difficult puzzle piece. That hasn’t happened yet, so I’m still trying to come up with new titles. It’s harder than it seems.

I have loose plans to take a letterpress class in New York City in March; I say loose only because I’m waiting for the instructor to confirm that the class will proceed as planned. If all goes accordingly, I will also get to see Kim, which is awesome; since our class at Stockton four years ago, I haven’t spent much time with her, and I haven’t yet visited her city life. I’m sure I will feel fantastically hip for further learning to navigate New York City. It always amazes me how I am so nervous about navigating NYC, but I am currently planning a trip to San Francisco with very little trepidation.

In other news, watch this video, right now. Unless you’re at work, and your work is anti-swearing. Because there’s some swearing here. And by some I mean lots. At any rate, this is astounding.


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