Just found out that my poem “The Apiary,” which was published in Boxcar Poetry Review, was selected by Patricia Smith for inclusion in the 2009 Best of the Net Anthology. I am so excited on many levels. I freaking love this poem. I tried to write a Sampson and Delilah poem for so long before […]


Tonight was Jacob’s spring concert. It was funny and horrible at once, the way little kid concerts are. The show was somehow loosely based around nursery rhymes and making lemonade, though I’m not sure I understood the connection. Jacob was hilarious, alternating between engaged and distracted. Tonight was also the first night that he decided […]

in case

you wanted to buy me a present to inspire me through the National Poetry Month Poem A Day Challenge, I would not say no to this awesome hoodie: Size XL PO Box 115 Hainesport, NJ 08036 Just sayin’.


Head on over to Donna’s blog, because she’s doing a giveaway – two free books of poetry!

the cruelest month

National Poetry Month is fast approaching, which also means that the National Poetry Month Poem-A-Day challenge is also fast approaching! As per usual, I’ll be attempting the insane challenge, posting my results over here. I’m also going to attempt the FreeVerse Photo-A-Day challenge again, and have already started plotting some photos. Leave a comment here […]

i love you like that

Heartbreaking: Ai has passed away from breast cancer. Woman to Man Lightning hits the roof, shoves the knife, darkness, deep in the walls. They bleed light all over us and your face, the fan, folds up, so I won’t see how afraid to be with me you are. We don’t mix, even in bed, where […]

exploratory walks and stuff

I’ve been working since yesterday on a longer blog post recapping VH1’s new reality show Transform Me, but it’s not quite done yet.  So instead I’ve been thinking about field bags. The straps on field bags are always too short for me, so I can never wear them comfortably. I was scouring etsy (my favorite […]

My post about the cost of poetry got picked up on Twitter and Facebook today by some other poets (after I shamelessly linked to it on Robert Lee Brewer’s #poettues chat on Twitter), which is kind of cool. I sort of wish I had proofread it better, though. me: my cost of poetry blog entry […]


There’s a really entertaining and interesting assessment of Lady Gaga’s newest endeavor, also known as the “Telephone” video, up at Feministe. You should go read it. In the meantime, is this some incredibly sick makeup, or what? It’s certainly not the craziest she’s done, or the most daring, or whatever. But it looks damn good, […]


I’m at Borders right now, engaging in my weekly writing time. Don is sitting across from me, at work on his second poem of the night. I think. He could just be looking at porn, though. Anyway, I took a break from writing a few minutes ago to head for the bathroom. On the way […]