My post about the cost of poetry got picked up on Twitter and Facebook today by some other poets (after I shamelessly linked to it on Robert Lee Brewer’s #poettues chat on Twitter), which is kind of cool. I sort of wish I had proofread it better, though.

me: my cost of poetry blog entry got picked up on facebook and twitter
Donna: whoa. cool
me: yeah, well
me: it’s poets
me: so not too many hits
me: but you know, it’s nice.
me: some cute gay kid in lubbock, tx, blogged it
Donna: hahaha
me: he writes gay boy erotica
me: and has a weird half-amish beard.
me: but in one picture he’s wearing a striped sweater
me: so he’s either a) not amish, or b) ex-communicated
Donna: hahaha
Donna: i’m pretty sure not part of the church based on the first description listed there
me: good point.

The cute gay kid from Lubbock, TX who is most likely not Amish, despite what the beard might suggest.

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