I’m interrupting the NaPoMo postings for something a little more personal.

My best friend is at AWP right now and while she’s away, I’ve taken charge of her household, which includes one large house, one dog (the second to be added tonight), several fish, a guinea pig, and two beautiful daughters. Anna’s life, while not terrible by any means, is not easy – she has a hectic schedule to maintain (and I’m not even getting involved in the part of her life that pays bills, edits 4 poetry journals, or writes with any regularity). This is something I’ve known for awhile. So it was not lightly that I agreed to move in for the week – I’ve done this before, and so has Donna, but it’s difficult at best to try to fill the shoes of someone who has this complicated routine down so perfectly. But she is my family, so I’m trying.

Of course, that sounds way more grouchy than I want it to. It hasn’t been bad – her daughters are quiet and well-behaved (no punishments handed out, Anna!), and her youngest, Lorna, has kept me on track with both timeframes and the right way to do things. She’s been invaluable for the past few days, and while I’m sure I’m annoying her with the constant questions about “What time this?” and “How do I do that?” and “What does your mom do for this?” she has been a great sport, and not let on if she’s truly annoyed.

This morning’s schedule included getting Becky, the older daughter, prepared for and delivered to a bat mitzvah for a classmate. Apparently this is The Social Event of the Year for the 7th grade class, and required a dress, hairstyle and pedicure. Anna had the dress and shoes all ready, Becky did her own pedicure last night, and I just had to drive her to the home of a family friend who does great work on hair. I’ve just dropped Becky at the synagogue, and it’s incredible how suddenly grown up she is.

Anyone who knows me knows I have a son, Jacob. Anyone who knows me also knows I will likely not have another child – Jacob is a handful, and a fulfilling one. He is enough for me. Still, I can’t help but feel at times that I’m missing out in not having a daughter. This morning was a wonderful reminder to me that I do have daughters – and I even got to help get one ready for her first formal event. She looked gorgeous.

Thanks, Anna, for letting me share your family.

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