I haven’t blogged about this for a few reasons (book ban, work, writing, tennis, karate, etc.), but I think it deserves some attention here, at least for the attention it’s getting at Autostraddle:

Ramin Seetodeh wrote an article for Newsweek about gay actors not being able to convincingly play straight. Alan Cumming (yes, that Alan Cumming) has a good round up of the hoopla, so I’m not getting in to that.

What I do want to say is HALLELUJAH for websites like Autostraddle, which posted one of the best articles I have read in a long time on gender stereotypes and roles:

Let Us Now Praise Effeminate Men


Just a small slice of heaven from the article (which is not the most eloquent, but certainly gets the job done):

But an equally pressing Cultural Issue — AND DARE WE SAY IT A FEMINIST ISSUE* — has been simmering beneath the debate but not quite yet cracked the surface — perhaps ’cause it’s the most complicated bit of all…Here’s the question, ladies, gents, and all permutations thereof:

What is wrong with being effeminate?

To Setoodeh, it’s the Wrongest thing of all. Actually, Setoodeh isn’t so much afraid of gays as he is afraid of People Who Don’t Play Gender Right…

And they give a huge shout out, of course, to Alan Cumming, whose blog on this whole matter is spot on.

Check out the links. They’re wonderfully entertaining and enlightening.

And just because I love him, here’s a fantastic picture of Alan Cumming:

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