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Revolutionary Readings

I have been horribly lax about updating here, but I wanted to get a note up about something cool that came into my inbox about a week ago.

Remember the ban on Revolutionary Voices, the anthology of queer art? Well, the news of the banning was picked up by a group of theatre artists who wanted to do something about it. Enter Revolutionary Readings, the theatre project inspired by the banning. From the Revolutionary Readings website:

Our goal in this project is two-fold: first, to use our talents and artistry to show that art can change the world.  Amy Sonnie, the editor of Revolutionary Voices, writes that “art and writing are mediums for truth, rawness, and honesty.”  She shares our opinion that “our creative work is the starting place where we entreat larger social change, the place where we develop a radical consciousness–a revolution of words, ideas, and self.”  This ideal leads us to our second goal: to inspire an overturn in the ruling of the Rancocas Valley school board and any other targeted school districts.

Woo-freaking-hoo, man!

This group is staging theatrical readings of the book, with the intention of demonstrating that the book is not pornographic and obscene, but rather a valuable doorway to discussions about sexuality, gender and expectations.

There are performances scheduled in Northern New Jersey and New York throughout the summer. Get to one if you can – and if you can’t, click on the ‘Get Involved’ link and do a little something.

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