it’s happened.

Someone on Teh Interwebz called my poems “all the same, boring and tired.” I won’t lie and say I wasn’t bothered. Of course I was. But what can I do but own that? Oh, and try to be more interesting. On the other hand, I did get a lovely birthday present from Donna – a […]

how to rock the big apple

When You’re From South Jersey: 1. Navigate Penn Station and two subway lines without hesitation. 2. Ignore best friend’s GPS which directs you away from the bookstore you’re going to read at, and instead ask a handsome Nigerian man with a sharp suit to direct you. Smile when he calls you “darling.” 3. Hide your […]


One night only: Me. You. A bookstore in New York. Sounds romantical, doesn’t it? Seriously, I’ll be appearing tonight at McNally Jackson books on Prince St., 7 p.m., alongside 5 other writers from Dzanc Books Best of the Web Series. Be there or be square, kids.

new poem

Another new poem up at PoetSpeak: Poem for My Voice Interestingly, there’s been a fair amount of conversation in my world about the construction of this title. A few people lately have told me that it’s off-putting to use a title that contains the word “Poem.” Apparently some people won’t even bother reading poems that […]


A few weeks ago I had a sudden urge to make paper cranes. I’m not exactly sure where or why it happened – maybe it had something to do with needing a creative outlet that isn’t poetry. But anyway, a week or so after I decided to start making cranes, I went to my friend […]