When You’re From South Jersey:

1. Navigate Penn Station and two subway lines without hesitation.
2. Ignore best friend’s GPS which directs you away from the bookstore you’re going to read at, and instead ask a handsome Nigerian man with a sharp suit to direct you. Smile when he calls you “darling.”
3. Hide your nerves as the reading audience swells to 50.
4. Have Sasha Fletcher introduce you. Really, he’s that good at introductions.
5. Give a rock-ass reading of “Martha Stewart,” and two other poems.
6. Sign books post-reading (for people who ask and also for the store to sell later).
7. Get the sign from the door with your name on it:

8. Arrive home around 2 a.m., in true rock star style.

Seriously, it was a great night last night. The other readers were fantastic: Brian Baldi read geographic poems (having to do with specific cities / states); Elisa Bassist read her essay from the book, which was a sort-of review of David Foster Wallace’s Infinite Jest and was very funny/neurotic; Sasha Fletcher read nothing from the book but his poems were slam-styled, entertaining pieces; Krystal Languell read two poems about Magritte, which were great; Leigh Stein read a few poems about, well, all kinds of things, and her direct voice was charming; and August Tarrier read excerpts from her essay in the book, “Field Notes.” Oh, and I read three poems and felt really good about them.

Post-reading, I made for Peculier Pub with Quincy and Karen, and it was much fun.

I love NYC.

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