kicking ass and taking names

Last week, I started taking kickboxing classes. This was me immediately before class #1 started: Tonight was my third class. I have learned how to jab, cross, hook and uppercut, as well as roundhouse, front and side kick. I love to roundhouse kick – it reminds me of a poem Donna wrote about action heroes […]

of course it’s a good use of my time.

Our friend Sam is currently living in Japan for an indefinite period of time – something like 10 gazillion years, I imagine. Yesterday, we had the following exchange via Facebook (identities sloppily obscured to protect the innocent): As I said to John, “Ask and ye shall receive.”

a quick drive by

to say that you should really listen to this cover of Jeff Buckley’s “Last Goodbye.” [youtube=]

whale sound

Very Like A Whale is a blog I look to for excellent discussion on poetry, publishing, and the role of social media and technology in art (among other things). Author Nic Sebastian’s newest project is a no-brainer, then: Whale Sound, an audio collection of Nic’s favorite poems. Most interesting is that the poems aren’t read […]

new poem

up at Hobble Creek Review: Flaws in Human Thinking It’s a bit different than what I usually do.

rachel zoe, a new american hero. or something.

I finished laying out the manuscript this weekend. Of course I say “finished,” but what I really mean is “finished the first round of laying out the manuscript.” I’m sure that there will be revisions, and then revisions to those revisions, and so on. I was stuck for awhile, but then I was watching the […]