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Very Like A Whale is a blog I look to for excellent discussion on poetry, publishing, and the role of social media and technology in art (among other things). Author Nic Sebastian’s newest project is a no-brainer, then: Whale Sound, an audio collection of Nic’s favorite poems. Most interesting is that the poems aren’t read by the authors, but rather by Nic. Where possible, she’s posting links to the text of the poems online, but Whale Sound itself contains no text of the poems. You can read all about Whale Sound‘s reason for being here.

Nic posted my poem “The Apiary” today, and it is astounding. As I told her in a brief Facebook exchange, I have recently been feeling discouraged by and distant from my own work. I’ve been feeling completely unaffected by my own voice, and therefore convinced that others are unaffected by it as well. And then I listened to Nic read “my poem today, and I forgot, while listening, that it was my poem. I was able to see it as though it were entirely new, and it made all the difference in the world. It made me remember why I love doing what this, why I love to write and work with words. It made me believe that the work I’m doing is strong and important and necessary – if to no one else, then to myself.

Go check out Whale Sound. You’ll find some lovely and delicious poems read with incredible respect and care, and maybe rediscover why you love words.

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  1. thanks to nic, i have found your blog and listened to your poetry. very stirring, rachel.

    i like what you shared in this post – i can relate to the feeling of disconnect/distance from my own work as well at times. nic’s work is rejuvenating, but so is listening/reading your poetry for me.



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