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kicking ass and taking names

Last week, I started taking kickboxing classes. This was me immediately before class #1 started:

Tonight was my third class. I have learned how to jab, cross, hook and uppercut, as well as roundhouse, front and side kick. I love to roundhouse kick – it reminds me of a poem Donna wrote about action heroes which contains the line “Roundhouse kick him in the face.” It also makes me feel like Chuck Norris.

Except not as bad-ass.

But seriously. Kickboxing is very fun. All I can think about while I’m in class is punching and kicking and it is awesome. I get to work out all of my frustration from the day, and I can actually hit really hard. I’m pretty proud of myself. And there’s something empowering about knowing that I’m taking steps not only to improve my health but also to make myself stronger. Yeah.

Of course, kickboxing is also really hard. I’m entirely sweaty in the first 10 minutes of class, and at the end there is a 15-minute session of ab work. That is killer, and not in the 1990s way. Really, it is super hard and I am weak and my abs are mushy, mushy rolls of taffy. It’s disgusting. One of the exercises requires us to hold plank position for one minute. That doesn’t sound hard, but actually it kind of is. I held it for 15 seconds tonight, which is about 6 seconds longer than last week. I’ll get there eventually.

So I guess the moral of this story is that kickboxing is awesome and I will roundhouse kick you in the face like Chuck Norris if you disagree with me.

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