Rachel Bunting

geocache, trip 1

Today Donna and I went geocaching for the first time.

I heard about this activity from my favorite IT guy, Nik – it’s like treasure hunting for adults, and it’s super fun. Here’s the wiki article, and here’s one of the websites where you can log your finds (and caches you’ve hidden, as well).

Since it was our first time out, we decided to keep it simple and local. Using the Geocaching app on my brand-spanking-new iPhone, we located several caches in local parks, and set out to find them. The compass on the iPhone is a little touchy – in the first park, we were able to locate the cache without an issue, while in the second park, we were unsuccessful in locating two caches, despite the compass telling us we were standing right on top of them. Fortunately, the third cache was a good find (Donna was so excited to be the one to spot it).

Some pictures here.

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