It’s weird to me that I used to blog all the time, and now it’s all I can do to get here a few times a month.

At any rate, some poetry news:

Acceptance of my poem “Son” with Literary Mama. I think this should be up in a few days.

And, awesomely, Hobble Creek Review nominated my poem “Flaws in Human Thinking” for a Pushcart Prize. This is very cool, though sort of a mixed bag: the Pushcart has a long history of not choosing poems from online journals, which is disappointing for poets like me, who have largely built an online presence. But either way, it’s a wonderful thing, knowing there is an editor who believes in the work I’m doing.

Hooray for good news!


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  1. Congrats!
    Also, you have to remember, some people have all the time in the world because of being gainfully unemployed, so don’t be bent about not being able to blog all the time.

  2. i read your poem at hobble creek review- justin evans was wise to nominate you! congrats on that and your poem upcoming in literary mama. more and more the tide turns towards web-active poets. good for you!

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