Rachel Bunting

some piece of you stays in me and i’ll never give it back.

If you have already heard the news, please forgive me for repeating it.  But just in case you haven’t:

Dean Young, a wonderful poet who also happens to be a lovely and generous person, is in need of some help. You can read the details here; I urge you to give what you can, if you can. In a country like ours, where so many freedoms are guaranteed, it’s hurtful to think that Dean might be delivered the heart he needs, immediately followed by a whopping set of medical bills.

If you’re able to give, please be sure to scroll to the bottom of Dean’s page and follow the instructions for donation.

If you’re not able to make a donation, please grab the link and spread the news. Dean has been unfailingly kind to me, among many other emerging writers, and I think it’s only fair we try to show him some of the same kindness.

Plus, I want him to meet me in Provincetown again. Those oysters won’t pay for themselves, folks.

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