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Every year I say I’m going to chart the books I finish reading that year. I never really make it past February. This year I’m totally going to try. Again.

A few things I need/want to read this year:

Freedom, Jonathan Franzen
Nothing Left to Burn, Jay Varner
Winter’s Bone, Daniel Woodrell
Palo Alto, James Franco*
everything Aimee Bender has written that’s not Willful Creatures and Lemon Cake

(*seriously, I intend to read this, if only to be more intelligent about my bitterness)

What else are you recommending?

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  1. The Mansion of Happiness – Robin Ekiss (poetry)
    War – Sebastian Junger (non fiction)
    Dearest Creature – Amy Gerstler (poetry)
    Hunger Games trilogy (young adult) – Suzanne Collins
    Chains/Forge – YA historical fiction – Laurie Halse Anderson
    Lighthead – Terrance Hayes (poetry)
    Blood Dazzler – Patricia Smith (poetry)
    Packing for Mars – Mary Roach

    I am just starting Tablet and Pen – an anthology of 20th century writing from the Middle East edited by Reza Aslan. So far, it’s really good and interesting. Haven’t read much fiction this year other than Young Adult.

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