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2010: year-end wrap-up


January 12: Starting the year off right, Jacob inserts a craft bead into his ear. Fortunately, it falls out after a single night. Hooray for ear wax, that unsung hero.

January 15-18: My fifth year at the Cape May Winter Getaway, where I start seriously thinking about my manuscript. Also where I start the habit of disappearing to Borders nearly every weekend for a few hours for dedicated writing time.

February 2: “Martha Stewart,” the little poem that could, is selected as a Dzanc Boooks Best of the Web 2010 poem, which ultimately leads to my first featured reading in New York City.

February 22: I mistakenly think I have identified myself on Awkward Family Photos. Awkward.

March 31: “The Apiary,” my favorite of the Imprimatur poems, is selected by PATRICIA FUCKING SMITH for includsion in the Sundress Publications Best of the Net 2010 anthology. I am still excited by this, 9 months later.

April 14: Amid the chaos of NaPoMo, I find out that Jennifer Knapp comes out.

May 31-June 6: I attend the Norman Mailer Writers Colony Summer Poetry Workshop, led by Dean Young. DEAN YOUNG, people. DEAN YOUNG. It is amazing and wonderful and I love every moment of it. Even the moments I don’t love.

June 18: I see EvelynEvelyn at the TLA in Philadelphia, and it is awesome. Inventive. Inspiring.

July 2: I slice my finger open with a large knife and visit the local ER.

July 3: Jacob returns home from his first trip to overnight camp. I stop having nervous breakdowns and realize that he is actually growing up.

July 4-11: Donna, Jacob and I spend a week in California, (re)connecting with old friends and family.

September 23: I start kickboxing classes, to the chagrin of would-be muggers of Rachel everywhere.

October 17: I start geocaching, to the chagrin of my lovely girlfriend.

November 20: Friendsgiving.

December 5: I finish the manuscript I started in January.

December 22: President Obama signs the repeal of Don’t Ask Don’t Tell into law.

December 25: Family.


Voices we’ll miss:

Lucille Clifton, poet
Ai, poet
JD Salinger, author
Alex McQueen, fashion designer
Lena Horne, singer and actor
Dennis Hopper, actor
Corey Haim, actor
Sally Menke, film editor
Barbara Billingsley, actor
Leslie Nielsen, actor
Elizabeth Edwards, activist
Teena Marie, singer
Geraldine Doyle, inspiration for Rosie the Riveter

There’s probably more I could talk about here, but it’s late. It was a long, good year. I’m greeting 2011 with optimism and excitement. I hope you are, too.

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