So I was all prepared to do a post about Jessie J’s new video, “Do It Like A Dude.” I was stoked to talk about it because of all the genderbending etc. etc. But then I was like No let me check out Autostraddle first because I want to see what they said about it. So then I read that and it turns out that Autostraddle said everything I wanted to say except better so you should go read that article instead of me having to write one. But if you don’t feel like clicking over there, then here’s my quick synopsis:

Is the Jessie J song/video (below) offensive and insensitive toward women/gay people? Maybe. Not sure yet. But maybe not.
It is, however, totally not safe for work.


So instead I’m going to talk about two three seemingly unrelated things. And they seem unrelated because, in fact, they are.

1. PJ Harvey

She is hot. In a “Sometimes I’m kind of crazy and sometimes I pretend to be a Victorian child” kind of way. And she is releasing a new album, called Let England Shake. You can check out some info on it at her website, and I strongly suggest you listen to both “The Last Living Rose” and “The Words That Maketh Murder.” They’re both fantastic.

I’m really excited because every time PJ releases a new album, she reinvents herself. And it seems like the PJ Pendulum is swinging from Crazy (White Chalk-I’m-always-wearing-this-weird-white-dress-with-puffy-sleeves) to Awesome again. Ok, but seriously: as an artist I really respect her willingness to push her art further than she’s gone before. I don’t always enjoy the result, but I definitely appreciate that she wants to challenge herself as much as possible. Plus, I’m looking forward to a listenable album again. Because “Black Hearted Love” was seriously the only track I could manage from her latest collaboration with John Parrish.

2. Queen

I mean, everyone already knows that Freddie Mercury is pretty much the coolest thing that ever happened to anything in life. Seriously? Look at this:

Dude is wearing a freaking crown. Although it just occurred to me that may be photoshopped. But it’s funny because no one can be sure if that’s photoshopped or not (I mean, arguably) becuase Freddie totally wore shit like that. Have you seen this?

Anyway, I could spend a whole other blog post talking only about his awesomeness, and how someone put him on a pair of sneakers. And maybe I will. But that’s not this blog. I’m just really excited because my cousin has discovered the joy of Queen, and it just reminded me how absolutely awesome the awesomeness of Queen is. And I just wanted to say that. In public. On my blog.

So there you go.

3. And also, this. Click it. You definitely want to. (h/t to Donna V for that)

Yay music.

Also: I say “seriously” a lot.

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