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I just found out, literally a minute ago, that my photography professor, Mark Ensslin, passed away last summer.

I happened to think of him today, after a long period, and realized that although he used to post regularly on Facebook, I hadn’t seen any updates from him in some time. After visiting his profile, I spotted the following message from his wife, dated July 9, 2010:

This morning Mark passed away after a short illness. I have lost my love and will miss him every day.

I don’t know how I missed this. I am incredibly sad.

I wrote this entry after visiting Mark to participate in his photo thesis, Arraignment. I am not sure what will happen now with this project; Mark asked me to write an intro for his thesis, in which I responded to the experience of being photographed. I’m not sure if he used it, but I hope, even if he chose not to, that he knows I was moved in a big way by his project.

His photoblog is here; it’s a good snapshot into his life and personality.

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