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Friday Goodness

I haven’t done one of these in AGES. However, Awesome Megan (I think that’s how I will always describe her now) suggested it, so here we are. Perhaps I’ll even try to do this with some regularity? Who knows. Anyway, onward!

1. There was/is apparently some sort of thing about two spaces/one space after a period over at Slate. I don’t usually like Slate – I find so many of it’s articles to be anti-woman (such as this self-righteous piece about the Philly abortion nightmare thing, which I won’t get into here because omg it’s Friday GOODness, and how did I end up talking about this???) – but this article is kind of funny. Interestingly, the Telegraph has a complementary piece up. Just don’t bother with reading anything else by that Damian Thompson guy, especially if your head is full of “liberal bilge” and shit like this pisses you off.

2. Well, since I mentioned the Philly nightmare, let me just counteract that link to the Slate article up there by also including this link to the Feministe response to Slate. Yay Jill!

3. January 6 was Ephiphany, and I am going this weekend to an Ephiphany Party where we will eat King Cake and probably play games of some variety. Or maybe not. But it will be fun nonetheless.

4. The Alot is Better than You at Everything. This is definitely ancient history in Teh Interwebz Yearz, but it’s still hilarious to grammar nerds like me.

5. My hands smell like coffee. I’m not sure this is a good thing, but I felt it was important for you to know.

6. Oh! Yeah! Check out the list of Short Story Award for New Writers finalists over at GlimmerTrain. Recognize any names in the finalist list?

7. Last night I started reading Ross Gay’s new book Bringing the Shovel Down and it’s great so far. Look for a post about it when I’ve finished, and in the meantime go buy yourself a copy. If you can’t do that, you can check out Ross’ page at From the Fishouse.

8. Awkward.

9. I am really looking forward to working with Jacob on the new Harry Potter Lego sets he received this week. Oh, and surprise? I also bought him Diagon Alley, but haven’t told him that yet. Waiting for an exciting moment when he does something especially cool. Have you seen it? Kind of awesome.

10. And finally, if you haven’t seen it yet, check out Amanda Palmer’s newest video, “Map of Tasmania.” Be warned, it’s probably NSFW:


Once you’re done watching that, head on over to her website where you can buy the whole dang album for only 69 cents! (Haha, get it? 69? I just realized that right now.)

Happy Friday!

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