because a door opens at night

I think yesterday was sort of an existential crisis. I’m definitely feeling better. The time alone, yesterday aside, has been beneficial – therapeutic, in a way. I couldn’t ask for a prettier place to be, and the writing has been going surprisingly well. The Colony provided a bike, so I’ve been walking or riding around […]

without structure, i am lost.

I have not had more than 4 consecutive days off from work since last summer, and even then, those days were structured: Jacob was home with me, and we made plans. I have not had this much time to myself since – well, I don’t really know when. I’m not sure I ever have. I […]

i’m marvelous

So holy goodness, I haven’t written anything in 2 weeks. Weird. Work has been overwhelming, in both good and bad ways. The good: I’m getting a raise. It’s not as much as I’d hoped, but I’m really pleased that there’s something happening in that area, and it will be helpful. The bad: the volume of […]

newsweekgate or whatever they’re calling it.

I haven’t blogged about this for a few reasons (book ban, work, writing, tennis, karate, etc.), but I think it deserves some attention here, at least for the attention it’s getting at Autostraddle: Ramin Seetodeh wrote an article for Newsweek about gay actors not being able to convincingly play straight. Alan Cumming (yes, that Alan […]

book ban update

Since my last blogging, I’ve exchanged some emails with a few people (including the Media Center Coordinator at RV) about the book ban. Further update coming, but in the meantime, I sent this to the local BOE today: Dear Board Members, I was raised in a traditional home by parents with strong beliefs and a […]

all there is

I will be heading to Provincetown, MA for a weeklong stay at the Norman Mailer Writers Colony in exactly 27 days. Did I mention that here? Most of the handful of people who read this blog know this already, but for those of you (Scotty, perhaps?) who don’t follow me on Twitter or talk to […]

today is.

i forgot how much i love exploding dog.

fast as lightning

Jacob successfully tested for his green belt today at karate. He was super excited because this is a pretty big milestone: he moved from the beginner class to the intermediate, which, aside from meaning he’s no longer a “little kid” also means he now gets sparring gear and an awesome new blue uniform. He worked […]