We got some. And then we got some more. And then more on top of that. Yay winter.


an alligator eating a wild boar:

i’m marvelous

So holy goodness, I haven’t written anything in 2 weeks. Weird. Work has been overwhelming, in both good and bad ways. The good: I’m getting a raise. It’s not as much as I’d hoped, but I’m really pleased that there’s something happening in that area, and it will be helpful. The bad: the volume of […]

Lego Competition

Jacob, Donna and I had a Lego competition today. The challenge: build whatever kind of ship you want. Mommy will judge. Points given for intricacy of design, structural integrity, energy source. The photos are here. The results of the original judging are currently being contested (Donna placed second, after Jacob). Your help is desperately needed. […]

who’s an angry little hall monitor?

More snow in the Dirty Jerz, as yet undetermined how bad it’s going to get. Which means I’m potentially stuck in the house for the next few days, victim to cabin fever along with Jacob. Fortunately I brought enough work home to last me an entire year, not to mention the papers for school I […]

snow day!

Although my boss insists we have closed the office for snow at least one other time in the past five years, I definitely don’t remember it. At any rate, we have a snow day today. Hooray! Jacob and I are hunkered down in the house (though he desperately wants to go and play in the […]

a few quick, wonderful things

I have a longer entry about my writing philosophy for the year in progress, but I wanted to get these two tidbits up: 1. My poem, “Martha Stewart Claims She Has been Struck by Lightning Three Times,” was selected for inclusion in Dzanc Books’ Best of the Web 2010 anthology! Many, many thanks to Adam […]


Today, on two separate occasions, I totally rocked out in my car. I’m talking full-blown-air-drums-singing-at-top-volume-dancing-behind-the-steering-wheel rocking out. Which, in itself, is fine. The confession part comes in when I tell you what I was rocking out to: [youtube=] and this: [youtube=] You may commence mocking me now, but I stand firm: Matthew Sweet kicked ass. […]


I’m not going to lie: I’ve been sort of avoiding my blog for the past week or so. There are things I want to blog about, but I’m tired. And I know there are other things I should be doing: schoolwork. housework. And of course, I end up doing things I shouldn’t be doing, instead […]

i am too old for this.

I mean, seriously. What a weekend. Friday night, Jacob had his friend over again for pumpkin carving, s’mores, and charades. Saturday morning, I headed out to Rosemont College with Anna for the Push to Publish event, sponsored by Philadelphia Stories. We were representing Schuylkill Valley Journal as “editors,” and we offered critique and commentary on […]