exploratory walks and stuff

I’ve been working since yesterday on a longer blog post recapping VH1’s new reality show Transform Me, but it’s not quite done yet.  So instead I’ve been thinking about field bags. The straps on field bags are always too short for me, so I can never wear them comfortably. I was scouring etsy (my favorite […]

who’s an angry little hall monitor?

More snow in the Dirty Jerz, as yet undetermined how bad it’s going to get. Which means I’m potentially stuck in the house for the next few days, victim to cabin fever along with Jacob. Fortunately I brought enough work home to last me an entire year, not to mention the papers for school I […]

snow day!

Although my boss insists we have closed the office for snow at least one other time in the past five years, I definitely don’t remember it. At any rate, we have a snow day today. Hooray! Jacob and I are hunkered down in the house (though he desperately wants to go and play in the […]

mushroom invasion

My backyard has been positively overrun with mushrooms. This is only a small portion of my backyard: They really have taken over the yard, thanks in part to a dead tree trunk that’s about 6′ tall. They’re covering the root lines immediately around the trunk, and they’ve spread into the opposite side of the yard, […]

donna’s psychedelic thumb

Yesterday was Domestic-ing Day at Casa Buneke: I cleaned house while Donna did some yard work. She pruned some hedges, weeded out a couple very overgrown spots, and cleaned up around some of the bricked-in gardens. All in all she did a nice job – and with great timing, as the rain started today. Today, […]

adventures in gardening

I’m on vacation this week, and have spent the past few days doing kid-friendly fun things: swimming, movies, Funplex (which is like Chuck E. Cheese, but with an outdoor water part, too. Ugh). But in the mornings, I’ve spent an hour or so playing gardener, weeding the flower beds and planting a few things: The […]