Tomorrow is a Spirit Day at my son’s school. The theme is “Mixed Up/Dress Backward Day,” and there were no suggestions or guidelines offered for what types of clothing the administration, PTO and teachers expect to see on the kids tomorrow. I imagine they’re thinking some kids will come in with their shirts and pants […]

teaching negativity

Every week or so, the PTO at my son’s school sends out an email with reminders about upcoming events, school projects, and requests for volunteers. This week, I saw the following [emphasis not mine; sadly, it wasn’t necessary for me to boldface anything, as it already appeared that way in the original email]: In conjunction […]

do you have one?

momtourage [mom-too–rahzh] -noun “The people that provide you with support, help you get things done, and allow you to be the best mom you can be. You know, those wonderful people who make the journey more fun, more understandable and more sane. The kind of folks who, when you’re thinking of running away to join […]

Update: Cafe Press Rape Products

Cara at The Curvature has updated her entry about those horrendous rape-advocacy shirts available at CafePress. Though I did a brief search last night through their terms of service, I didn’t find any info on the CafePress website indicating that there was any sort of restriction on the content marketed through the site. But this […]

April 9: National Horrify Rachel Day

Seriously, it must be. First there was the whole clip from The View, totally dissing on Thomas Beatie. Then there was the frustratingly inane discussion in class about female suicide bombers (most of my classmates were absolutely opposed to the idea that female bombers could assume responsibility for their own actions; they were entirely convinced […]

Everyday Misogyny: Quote of the Week

Pardon the frantic updating; my brain is making up for yesterday’s lack of entry. In case you were worried that misogyny and sexism were broad, poorly defined concepts existing only in dusty encyclopedias and dictionaries, I’m here to reassure you: both concepts are alive and well today. So, since I’m getting all political and feminist […]