emails from crazy people

Here I was, eating my lunch and lamenting the fact that I didn’t have anything specific to blog today. Oh, silly me. What was I thinking? Of course there’s something to blog! I recently started reading this website, Emails from Crazy People.  It’s another website owned by Ben Huh, the guy who runs I Can […]

an open letter to the folks searching my blog

Thanks for visiting. No, really, thank you. I’m glad to know that you’ve found my new home here at WordPress, as I’m quite proud of it. And I’m glad that when someone searches “trans” or “transwoman,” that my blog generates some hits. I consider myself part of the feminist community that wants to include transpeople, […]

call for assistance

From the incredible Staceyann Chin: Many of you have already heard about our film, Baby Makes me. For you, this is an update. But for the folks who have not heard Tiona and I are making a documentary together. For years, I have wanted to become a mother. But the timing has never been quite […]

another victory!

Clearly I am behind in blogging, and I was away for a few days last week camping in the Pine Barrens, and so I didn’t see the news until today, but: The Matthew Shepard Act has passed, and the bill will be presented to Obama in the near future for his signature. Sweet!


Sigh. I mean, really, I take back all those nice things I said about thinking I could learn to love a city like Fort Worth. Anniversary of Stonewall. Coincidence?


I’ve been lacking in the social-awareness blogging lately, so I just wanted to bring to your attention: Iowa! (who’d-a thunkit?) and Vermont! That makes four now, kids, what with stalwart Massachusetts and last year’s Connecticut victory. California’s still pending, and New Jersey’s got civil unions – but activists here are pushing hard for marriage. Just […]

open letter

To the person who searched “america’s next top model the heshe” and ended up on my blog: The correct term is “transgender,” or “transwoman.” Read. Learn. Stop using “heshe.” Sincerely,Rachel


Watch this: “Fidelity”: Don’t Divorce… from Courage Campaign on Vimeo.And then go here, please, to sign and send this letter to the California State Supreme Court, asking them to invalidate Prop 8 and uphold the 18,000 gay marriages that were performed in California in 2008.

more Ted Haggard news

So there were new allegations against Ted Haggard (remember him?) last week, and somehow I missed them. In light of a new documentary on Haggard, directed by Alexandra Pelosi (daughter of Nancy Pelosi!), a former member of Haggard’s former church has come forward with allegations that he and Haggard had a non-consensual sexual relationship that […]