the promise of a real change

Now that’s what I’m talking about. I’ve been thinking for a while that this is probably the more important action to take in the struggle for equality. I’ve been sort of annoyed about how the whole marriage thing has taken off and turned into a gigantic snowball headed straight for the White House. I know […]

more equality news

In 2006, New Jersey legislators passed a bill in favor of allowing civil unions in the state, and Gov. Corzine signed the bill into law in December of that year. The law took effect on February 19, 2007, which means that civil unions have been in effect for nearly two years in New Jersey. Since […]

on having a voice and being silenced

I’ve been reading a lot of blogs lately that have a socially-conscious focus: feminism, racism, glbt stuff, motherhood. Generally I find it infinitely more satisfying to read about the social justice and civil rights movements than I do to read about academics and art, despite my association with the art world. And even if the […]


h/t to Feministing – this is a great little clip.[youtube=]Don’t forget to get the 5-pack to share with your friends!

love is great! repeal 8! and other rhyming couplets

This past Saturday, cities all over the country were host to simultaneous demonstrations against the initiatives passed on November 4th to restrict the rights of gay couples to marry or adopt in several states. Philadelphia was one of those cities, and Donna and I headed in to join the crowd. I was raised to believe […]

just a reminder

to vote NO on Prop 8, if you’re in California. Read this, and then watch this: [youtube=]

It doesn’t surprise me anymore when I find out something “new” about Sarah Palin’s politics – mostly because none of her stances are new; they’re recycled party lines that I have heard a thousand times, and have come to expect from her. So this news story is no different; I’m not surprised: “I have voted […]

more transphobia

This time out of Vacaville, CA. Thanks to Feminocracy for the heads up: A teacher’s gender reassignment surgery has caught the attention of some parents who want to know why the school district didn’t notify them ahead of time about the change. A music teacher at Foxboro Elementary School, who was formerly a woman, returned […]

more on prop 8

From the Feminist Majority Foundation, a new video encouraging voters to vote No on Prop 8. [youtube=] (Thanks to Amy from Ms. Magazine for the heads up.) Just in case you didn’t get it from the earlier post:Prop 8, if passed, will make it illegal for two people in love to get married. The confusing […]

No on Prop 8

I don’t live in California, but goodness, sometimes I wish I did. One of my favorite people (my brother) and a few old friends live there. They have Sacramento and San Francisco. And then this year they went ahead and legalized same-sex marriage. But guess what? That legalization is now in danger, thanks to Proposition […]