kicking ass and taking names

Last week, I started taking kickboxing classes. This was me immediately before class #1 started: Tonight was my third class. I have learned how to jab, cross, hook and uppercut, as well as roundhouse, front and side kick. I love to roundhouse kick – it reminds me of a poem Donna wrote about action heroes […]

world AIDS day

is today, in case you didn’t know. Check out what’s happening on Twitter: #worldAIDSday #AIDS #HIV Visit the World AIDS Org website. Learn about famous people affected by the disease. Google for your local AIDS services organization, to donate time or money. (Two of my favorite local orgs are here: ACSNJ and ActionAIDS) Get tested. […]

call for assistance

From the incredible Staceyann Chin: Many of you have already heard about our film, Baby Makes me. For you, this is an update. But for the folks who have not heard Tiona and I are making a documentary together. For years, I have wanted to become a mother. But the timing has never been quite […]

Rachel ne porte pas la botte.

I went back to the orthopedic surgeon this morning for what turned out to be my final evaluation: I was released! After a brief exam this morning, the Good Doc sent me for an x-ray (I was unfortunately unable to snap pics of this one – so sad). The x-ray was quite beautiful, actually – […]

overdue update

I went back to the orthopedic surgeon today, who removed the splint and the staples from my leg – he was pleased with the progress, and gave me a moon-boot style removable walking cast. This is much better, as I can now take a real shower (though I’m using a shower chair, like a little […]

merry christmas to you!

So on Tuesday night, as I was settling in to wrap presents, I did this: (that’s my foot, btw. Left foot. Broken tibia and fibula.) After a few hours in the ER, some good pain killers, and a little manipulation by the Nurse Practitioner, it looked like this: She did a fairly good job of […]

pay attention

If you have ever taken birth control in your life, this is an important blog post.

why future fitness will not be getting my money.

I used to look like this: I was thin and cute. I felt pretty a lot of the time, despite the fact that I didn’t really understand the concept of eyebrow maintenance until I was about 20. Seriously. Lately, I look more like this:I’ve gained a significant amount of weight over the past ten years. […]

the view makes me angry.

The ladies of the television show The View really are a bunch of knuckleheads. They consistently bring up important, complex topics and boil them down to the basest, most disrespectful statements one can imagine. When Jennifer Beals and Cybill Shepherd were on the view to promote the new season of The L Word, the hostesses […]