coming back in.

Dear President Obama, Thanks for keeping your promise about DADT. I’m done being mad at you now. Hugsnkisses, Rachel p.s. – you look so happy to be signing this law today, and that makes me happy. you’re awesome.

open letter to a rock god

Dear Rob Dickinson (formerly of the Catherine Wheel): When I was 15, I did something stupid: I went to a show in Philly with a friend, and we threw our bras at you. I didn’t understand then what I know now: that it was a silly, immature thing to do; that, if you and your […]

without structure, i am lost.

I have not had more than 4 consecutive days off from work since last summer, and even then, those days were structured: Jacob was home with me, and we made plans. I have not had this much time to myself since – well, I don’t really know when. I’m not sure I ever have. I […]

a closer walk

So if you’re not tapped in to the queer community or the Christian community, you might have missed this particular bit of news: If you’ve been involved in the evangelical Christian community in any way in the last 15 years, the name Jennifer Knapp is probably as familiar to you as Kelly Clarkson. Knapp is […]

it’s sad when you can’t even recognize yourself.

This morning, I clicked over to Awkward Family Photos for a quick peek. I saw this: and spit a moutful of dunkaccino all over the Bureau of Labor Statistics report for Vermont. I was all ready to rip laughingly into my brother for submitting an old but hilarious photo of me online, along the lines […]

art, activism, feminism, and the possibly impossible coexistence thereof

So there’s a big bruhaha (brou-ha-ha? brew-haha? whatever) blowing up in the feminist and indie-arts blogospheres about Amanda Palmer’s latest project with Jason Webley, promoted as Evelyn Evelyn (or the Neville Sisters). You can read the history of Evelyn Evelyn here, followed by the recap and Amanda’s response to the big dramz here.


Two weeks ago, I drove up to Wayne, NJ with Donna to be a subject in a photo shoot for my spring semester photography professor. He’s working on a thesis, a collection of photographs exploring the idea of arraignment. From Wikipedia: “Arraignment is a formal reading of a criminal complaint in the presence of the […]

coffee and cloves

Today I heard (for the first time – where have I been?!) that the act Obama signed into law, the Family Smoking Prevention and Tobacco Control Act, will ban flavored cigarettes. This law gives the FDA power to regulate tobacco products, and one of the measures in the regulation process is to ban fruit-, candy- […]