Tomorrow is a Spirit Day at my son’s school. The theme is “Mixed Up/Dress Backward Day,” and there were no suggestions or guidelines offered for what types of clothing the administration, PTO and teachers expect to see on the kids tomorrow. I imagine they’re thinking some kids will come in with their shirts and pants […]

teaching negativity

Every week or so, the PTO at my son’s school sends out an email with reminders about upcoming events, school projects, and requests for volunteers. This week, I saw the following [emphasis not mine; sadly, it wasn’t necessary for me to boldface anything, as it already appeared that way in the original email]: In conjunction […]

diversity in a post-racial america?

Another incidence of overt racism in New Jersey, via the Star-Ledger: A family of Barack Obama supporters awakened this morning to find a burned 6-foot cross on the front lawn of their home in northern Warren County, police said. The charred cross was partly wrapped with a homemade congratulatory banner that declared “President Obama Victory […]