low like you

So I was all prepared to do a post about Jessie J’s new video, “Do It Like A Dude.” I was stoked to talk about it because of all the genderbending etc. etc. But then I was like No let me check out Autostraddle first because I want to see what they said about it. […]

songs that are good

I used to listen to NPR and nothing else in the car. But lately, I have been listening to music again, rocking out like I am 17 and the novelty of driving my friends around in my parents’ car hasn’t worn off yet. These are songs I think you should try listening to in the […]

open letter to a rock god

Dear Rob Dickinson (formerly of the Catherine Wheel): When I was 15, I did something stupid: I went to a show in Philly with a friend, and we threw our bras at you. I didn’t understand then what I know now: that it was a silly, immature thing to do; that, if you and your […]

videos up

for EvelynEvelyn, on YouTube, here.


Last night, I went to see EvelynEvelyn at the TLA on South Street. The feminist hoopla seems to have died down (although it’s perhaps still going – I have mainly stopped reading feminst blogspaces for a number of reasons), and I kept thinking last night how glad I am that Amanda and Jason were able […]

a closer walk

So if you’re not tapped in to the queer community or the Christian community, you might have missed this particular bit of news: If you’ve been involved in the evangelical Christian community in any way in the last 15 years, the name Jennifer Knapp is probably as familiar to you as Kelly Clarkson. Knapp is […]


There’s a really entertaining and interesting assessment of Lady Gaga’s newest endeavor, also known as the “Telephone” video, up at Feministe. You should go read it. In the meantime, is this some incredibly sick makeup, or what? It’s certainly not the craziest she’s done, or the most daring, or whatever. But it looks damn good, […]

art, activism, feminism, and the possibly impossible coexistence thereof

So there’s a big bruhaha (brou-ha-ha? brew-haha? whatever) blowing up in the feminist and indie-arts blogospheres about Amanda Palmer’s latest project with Jason Webley, promoted as Evelyn Evelyn (or the Neville Sisters). You can read the history of Evelyn Evelyn here, followed by the recap and Amanda’s response to the big dramz here.

a few quick, wonderful things

I have a longer entry about my writing philosophy for the year in progress, but I wanted to get these two tidbits up: 1. My poem, “Martha Stewart Claims She Has been Struck by Lightning Three Times,” was selected for inclusion in Dzanc Books’ Best of the Web 2010 anthology! Many, many thanks to Adam […]


Today, on two separate occasions, I totally rocked out in my car. I’m talking full-blown-air-drums-singing-at-top-volume-dancing-behind-the-steering-wheel rocking out. Which, in itself, is fine. The confession part comes in when I tell you what I was rocking out to: [youtube=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZvxHFmKl_Qo] and this: [youtube=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=I14t1UsNei0] You may commence mocking me now, but I stand firm: Matthew Sweet kicked ass. […]