amanda palmer is a freaking rock star.

Seriously. Her show was amazing, full of energy. Her opening act / back up band, Nervous Cabaret, were out of control. Sexy, sexy music. We were at the TLA, in the balcony, and twice she came to stand in the exact spot where we were sitting. She spoke to us briefly, and we just sort […]

it should not have taken me this long.

I just read Amanda Palmer’s blog from 10/29, which is an Open Letter to Robert Smith (of the Cure, for those of you unfamiliar). Yes. In every way, yes. I haven’t been a fangirl since – well, to be honest, probably in about 10 years. Of course I still went to concerts and got excited […]

friday goodness

Not an official one, but just some good happenings for the day: New poem up in Wicked Alice – “Eve Considers Her Life.” It’s one of the final poems from Imprimatur to be published; Sotto Voce will have “Via Dolorosa” up sometime this fall/winter, and then I’ll be finishing up Imprimatur in time for a […]


I had the surreal experience of hearing three children sing along to “Handlebars” by the Flobots in the backseat of my car.

don’t send me roses on your behalf.

Around about the time I turned 15, I discovered that “going to shows” was a great way to spend my time. Tickets in the 1990s were pretty cheap, and the TLA was a great venue for teens: it featured all ages shows, it was easy to get to, and it was in the middle of […]

a friday quickie (that’s right, I said quickie)

I have a John Hughes memorial post percolating, but in the meantime, please enjoy my newest obsession (pardon the crappy video – I couldn’t find a decent one) – Ingrid Michaelson’s “The Chain”: [youtube=]


**During NaPoMo, when I was participating in the Poem-A-Day challenge, I wrote this thing. It was a quick little draft of a poem, mostly designed to get the idea on paper so I could come back to it later. It was based on a Huffington Post article I read, which gave few details about the […]

PJH + me = Happy, Happy

PJ Harvey is coming back to Philly. Yeah! Tickets are $38.50. Boo. But I think I’m going to splurge and go anyway. Who wouldn’t want to see this???Well, probably plenty of people. But I’m not one of them.

digression from NaPoMo: my morning chuckle

This morning on the commute to work, my favorite “alternative rock” radio station played REM’s “The One I Love.” I turned it up and was singing aloud when a memory hit me: December 1995 or January 1996, big snowstorm. Dom, his friend MJ, myself and my boyfriend at the time (who shall remain nameless, as […]

yes yes yes

I have loved the Cure, from what I can remember, since I was 12. Classmate Dan Ginsberg, in a move of stunning influence, lent me the newly-released Wish during the spring of our 7th grade year, and I was instantly won over. That led to many years of happy listening, and there was a time […]