do you have one?

momtourage [mom-too–rahzh] -noun “The people that provide you with support, help you get things done, and allow you to be the best mom you can be. You know, those wonderful people who make the journey more fun, more understandable and more sane. The kind of folks who, when you’re thinking of running away to join […]

i’m all about them words over numbers, unencumbered numbered words.

I don’t generally like found poetry. Oh sure, when it’s done as a joke, it’s kind of cute. But there are some people who treat found poetry as a true-and-good art form, which I think is a bit cheap and uninteresting, mostly, and is not nearly as exciting as one person creating the words truly […]

mistress mary, quite contrary

So if you take a quick trip over to Philadelphia Magazine, you can find an article by one Mr. Michael Callahan, in which he carefully lays out his position against the continuation of the Philadelphia Gay Pride Festival and Parade. He basically calls for an end to the festival, indicating that he finds the whole […]

the view makes me angry.

The ladies of the television show The View really are a bunch of knuckleheads. They consistently bring up important, complex topics and boil them down to the basest, most disrespectful statements one can imagine. When Jennifer Beals and Cybill Shepherd were on the view to promote the new season of The L Word, the hostesses […]


There’s a disturbing new trend in the literary world right now, it seems: emerging writers are creating amazing works of fiction and calling them memoirs. You’ve probably already heard about most of these instances: James Frey’s book A Million Little Pieces was published by Doubleday in 2003. It was marketed as a “brutally honest” account […]


There are a lot of things happening that I wanted to blog about: the new episode of Transamerican Love Story, the murder of the student in California by his 14-year-old schoolmate, some gender equality stuff I’ve been thinking about. But it’s all mostly depressing, and I’d rather draw your attention to this rather encouraging news: […]

some day we’ll walk in the rays of a beautiful sun.

Albuquerque’s first murder this year may be a hate crime: Friends are mourning the death of Albuquerque’s first murder victim, and fear the murder may have been a hate crime.Patrick “Patricia” Murphy, a drag queen well known in the community, was a regular performer at Sidewinders Bar. Murphy was shot to death in her home […]

standing at an intersection of silence.

So, today is a sort of Choose Your Own Adventure blog entry. Do you want to read an incredibly infuriating story about a woman who was forced to perform oral sex in a college dorm room, after which her rapist had the gall to join a Facebook group created in organization against sexual violence on […]

This post is likely to get me in some trouble…

…or at the very least, upset a few people. But I think it needs to be posted anyway. a headline from CBS3, one of the local news stations:7 NJ Troopers Accused In Alleged Gang RapeThat’s right, kids. Gang Rape by our state’s finest. As most of you regular readers will know by now, I have […]