NaPoMo Day 3

Free Verse Photo Poem: from Lisa Bower’s “Nesting,” originally in Boxcar Poetry Review Day 3 of the poem-a-day challenge: My Son’s First Attempt at Cleaning His Own Underwear

NaPoMo Day 2

Free Verse Photo Poem:from Matt W. Miller’s “The Whale”, originally in the DMQ Review Day 2 of the poem-a-day challenge: Spring Comes to Henry, IL

NaPoMo Day 1

Free Verse Photo Poem:from Michelle Bitting’s “Reasons to Quit,” which originally appeared in the now-defunct 21 Stars. Day 1 of the poem-a-day challenge: After My Ex-Husband Sends Me Pictures of His New Son James, I Write A Poem

because we don’t really apprentice anymore.

Major hat tip to Emari for this interesting bit of news: ArtsVote, a program of the Americans for the Arts Action Fund, has released the summary of 2008 Presidential Candidates Arts Positions. (I feel like there should be an apostrophe in there somewhere). An overview: The McCain / Palin statement, which registers at exactly 4 […]

like a 70s station wagon

The Polaroid works. Jacob, Donna and I have blown through two packs of film, with a third waiting in the fridge. With a gift card to Target coming in the mail in the next few days, I plan on picking up another few packs of film to keep the “old-timey” photos coming. Unfortunately I don’t […]

ebay is heaven

I bought a new toy this week.For $7.00 (including shipping), I have added this Polaroid Sun600 to my camera collection (which otherwise consists of a Canon EOS Rebel and a Fujifilm FinePix S700). I don’t know yet if it works, as I haven’t bought film for it. I’ll attempt to find film for it tomorrow.