coming back in.

Dear President Obama, Thanks for keeping your promise about DADT. I’m done being mad at you now. Hugsnkisses, Rachel p.s. – you look so happy to be signing this law today, and that makes me happy. you’re awesome.

book ban update

Since my last blogging, I’ve exchanged some emails with a few people (including the Media Center Coordinator at RV) about the book ban. Further update coming, but in the meantime, I sent this to the local BOE today: Dear Board Members, I was raised in a traditional home by parents with strong beliefs and a […]

well, that was disappointing.

So we went with Christie. I mean, I can’t say I’m surprised – Corzine has sucked for the past few years, and clearly most of the people in this state agree. But I’m disappointed nonetheless: Corzine offered us some wonderful chances to level the playing field in terms of Civil Rights in this state. And […]

i have little interest in this topic.

I’m taking an online course this semester on the history of the American Civil Rights movement. It’s something I’ve always been interested in, and of course in the past few years, I’ve felt a connection to that movement through my involvement in the LGBT community and its struggle to repeal DADT and to gain the […]

coffee and cloves

Today I heard (for the first time – where have I been?!) that the act Obama signed into law, the Family Smoking Prevention and Tobacco Control Act, will ban flavored cigarettes. This law gives the FDA power to regulate tobacco products, and one of the measures in the regulation process is to ban fruit-, candy- […]

another victory!

Clearly I am behind in blogging, and I was away for a few days last week camping in the Pine Barrens, and so I didn’t see the news until today, but: The Matthew Shepard Act has passed, and the bill will be presented to Obama in the near future for his signature. Sweet!


I’ve been lacking in the social-awareness blogging lately, so I just wanted to bring to your attention: Iowa! (who’d-a thunkit?) and Vermont! That makes four now, kids, what with stalwart Massachusetts and last year’s Connecticut victory. California’s still pending, and New Jersey’s got civil unions – but activists here are pushing hard for marriage. Just […]

oh happy day

It’s here, everyone! It’s finally, really here! Today is the day we wave goodbye to Bush and welcome Obama!To kick off the day, I’m joining in with Lisa at My Ecdysis and virtually throwing my shoe at President Bush as he leaves office. It’s about time I got rid of these, anyway:(if only the bowling […]

the promise of a real change

Now that’s what I’m talking about. I’ve been thinking for a while that this is probably the more important action to take in the struggle for equality. I’ve been sort of annoyed about how the whole marriage thing has taken off and turned into a gigantic snowball headed straight for the White House. I know […]