getting extreme up in this joint

My brother took my son rock climbing last night: (checking the power triangle or something) (on the way up) This kid is nuts. Later in the evening, at a friend’s house, Ron was introduced to Guitar Hero. He sucks at it. And finally, a random text exchange between myself and Martina:Martina: OMG. I just saw […]

diversity in a post-racial america?

Another incidence of overt racism in New Jersey, via the Star-Ledger: A family of Barack Obama supporters awakened this morning to find a burned 6-foot cross on the front lawn of their home in northern Warren County, police said. The charred cross was partly wrapped with a homemade congratulatory banner that declared “President Obama Victory […]


Hat tip to Bent Corner: this made me cringe all the way through it. [youtube=]

election nerves are a-jitterin’

I’ve been a little obsessed lately with the election, in case you hadn’t noticed. It’s not just because I’m planning a kick-ass election party, but because I feel like there’s a lot at stake here. I’ve spent a good bit of time over the past few weeks either on the verge of or actually in […]

high road FAIL

Oh, guys.This is not how we win. Chad Michael Morrisette and his partner (who apparently only gets a first name, Mito) have created a Halloween display featuring Sarah Palin in a noose:Sigh.It wasn’t funny when some conservative college kids did it to Obama. It’s not funny when you do it to Palin. The couple in […]

just a reminder

to vote NO on Prop 8, if you’re in California. Read this, and then watch this: [youtube=]

are you still undecided?

Think about this.[youtube=]Do you have a mother? Sister? Female cousin? Daughter? Aunts? Just one more reason I’m voting Obama/Biden this November 4.

It doesn’t surprise me anymore when I find out something “new” about Sarah Palin’s politics – mostly because none of her stances are new; they’re recycled party lines that I have heard a thousand times, and have come to expect from her. So this news story is no different; I’m not surprised: “I have voted […]


Holy F. I went camping this weekend, and was going to blog it, but this shit just took top priority: A Republican women’s group based out of San Bernadino County, CA, circulated a newsletter in October claiming that if Obama is elected this November, his face won’t appear on US currency, the way other Presidents […]