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From the Feminist Majority Foundation, a new video encouraging voters to vote No on Prop 8. [youtube=] (Thanks to Amy from Ms. Magazine for the heads up.) Just in case you didn’t get it from the earlier post:Prop 8, if passed, will make it illegal for two people in love to get married. The confusing […]

No on Prop 8

I don’t live in California, but goodness, sometimes I wish I did. One of my favorite people (my brother) and a few old friends live there. They have Sacramento and San Francisco. And then this year they went ahead and legalized same-sex marriage. But guess what? That legalization is now in danger, thanks to Proposition […]

because we don’t really apprentice anymore.

Major hat tip to Emari for this interesting bit of news: ArtsVote, a program of the Americans for the Arts Action Fund, has released the summary of 2008 Presidential Candidates Arts Positions. (I feel like there should be an apostrophe in there somewhere). An overview: The McCain / Palin statement, which registers at exactly 4 […]


This flow chart, via MorningStar at Maverick Watch, pretty much sums it up. Love it. For more on the debate, go here.

John McCain wants to ruin your life.

Ok, let’s review this clip:[youtube=] The newsanchor (Mika?) said, “I think given especially what you’ve been just saying on our broadcast right now, why then didn’t you vote against a bill that is ‘corrupting’ and stand up to pork and all this spending during an economic crisis that some say this – puts this country […]


This morning I read over at Bent Corner that Washington Mutual failed, and was bought out by JP Morgan Chase. Of course while I was there, I also saw a clip of Sarah Palin’s interview with Katie Couric. Take a second to go watch it, if you will – it’s interesting. But in case you […]

Steinem in ’08

Well, not really.But it would be kind of nice. In the meantime, check out her op-ed from the LA Times.