lesser evils

I really don’t like Barack Obama. I wish he wasn’t the Democratic candidate for President. What I’ve been reading about him in Time, Rolling Stone and other magazines and webzines has indicated to me that he’s not as respectful or considerate as he would have us believe. He doesn’t quite seem to remember where he […]

news and notes

A few women-centered notes this morning: Cara at the Curvature has a pretty awesome Open Letter to Eliot Spitzer up this morning. Top Chef returns tonight with Season 4 based in Chicago. This season presents an even split – 8 male and 8 female contestants. This is the first time there’s been a balance since […]


There are a lot of things happening that I wanted to blog about: the new episode of Transamerican Love Story, the murder of the student in California by his 14-year-old schoolmate, some gender equality stuff I’ve been thinking about. But it’s all mostly depressing, and I’d rather draw your attention to this rather encouraging news: […]

everyday is like sunday.

Well. I’m not really sure what to say at this point. Ann Coulter, someone I have just about zero respect for, has stated that she would support Hillary Clinton if John McCain wins the Republican nomination. No, seriously. See for yourself: [youtube=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=I2JoSo17Azk&rel=1]I’m not really sure what to do when Ann Coulter and I agree on […]

standing at an intersection of silence.

So, today is a sort of Choose Your Own Adventure blog entry. Do you want to read an incredibly infuriating story about a woman who was forced to perform oral sex in a college dorm room, after which her rapist had the gall to join a Facebook group created in organization against sexual violence on […]

there’s somethin’ happenin’ here; what it is ain’t exactly clear

This weekend, Donna and I watched Sicko, the documentary from Michael Moore which examines the US healthcare system. Think what you will about Moore and his stunts and movies (I have heard them variously described as inane, extremist, leftist, terroristic, ridiculous and propagandist), but he makes people talk. I rather like him, and I think […]

and I thought I was so loud about it already.

This morning, I received via email a link to this video. In case you’re too lazy to click on that link, I’ll explain it for you:Stuart Shepard, a mouthpiece for the ultra-conservative Focus on the Family group, gets a video spot series hosted through Citizenlink, Focus on the Family’s “Action Center.” His video series is […]

another dumbass move from someone who really should have known better.

And this week’s annoying and offensive moment of the week comes to us courtesy of a well-connected member of the Department of Homeland Security for Immigration and Customs Enforcement. Julie Myers, the Assistant Secretary of Homeland Security, was appointed to the position while Congress was on recess – because our fearless, bumbling leader President Bush […]

This week, I got an email from the Human Rights Campaign with the subject line It happened today! The first line of the email declared: Today I witnessed something just a year ago seemed nearly impossible. The U.S. House of Representatives passed the Employment Non-Discrimination Act (ENDA). Now, I knew this bill was on the […]